October 2023

I can't believe this moment has arrived. Yep, I am saying goodbye to the vibrant, creative events industry and taking the plunge towards my own vibrant journey as an independent visual artist. 🔥

Visual artist? Well, creative expression, that's what I'm all about. For me being creative is the expression of a process and the love for this process, the love for creative growth brought me to where I am today. So, where’s that?

With brand design, I'll focus on creative guidance throughout yóur process. Need a new - more creative - chapter for your brand, product, company,...? I am your go-to for your visual marketing. From strategy & design to realisation, I’ll guide you seamlessly through the entire process. Together, we’ll make your branding pop and your product stand out.

In addition, I continue on my personal path through digital wall art and ceramics. A journey that does not have 100% shape at the moment, but offers all the more possibilities. 🙂

For the past ten years, I have been self-employed besides my full-time job with a sporadic assignment here and there - I did not promote this at all. So a 10-year anniversary… time to go full steam ahead!

I am grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received from my family and friends. Their support has given me the confidence to take this step.

I am excited to see what new adventures this chapter holds.
This is only the beginning!

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