Celebrating creative individuality & expression.

That’s what I like to stand for. Anywhere. Anytime.
Ever since my childhood, I’ve been drawing, painting,… creating. For me being creative is the expression of a process, is growing, moving forward. The love for this process, the love for creative growth brought me to where I am today.

The combination of fine arts, graphic design and marketing & event management covers a lot of different areas. Too many? No. I only have one question in mind: does it fit my creative path & personal growth? If yes, then I go for it! It flows through my veins: being creative is what I am, it is my core.

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June 2022

In the very last year, 2nd year specialization, I chose to work with new material (porcelain) and with a new finishing technique to merge my passion for ceramics with my passion for graphic art.

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