This is me

Celebrating creative individuality & expression.

That’s what I like to stand for. Anywhere. Anytime.

Ever since my childhood, I’ve been drawing, painting,… creating. For me, being creative is the expression of a process, growing, moving forward. It’s the oxygen for my busy mind watching, observing and learning.

Finding peace of mind, I do in nature. Starting the day walking or jogging through the fields, that’s when I reload. But after a period of peace and calm, I am convinced, we also have the need to push our bounderies from time to time.

And what better way than the creative way to do so?!


Anneleen Vernaillen

Fine arts

From the age of 10 I went to the art academy in my spare time.

Graphic Design

Because of my broad interest in design from an early age, the choice of study turned out to be not so obvious. I started studying product design, but dropped out the first year. However, here I gained a solid basic knowledge for perspective drawing, a great advantage for the final choice of master of fine arts, option graphic design at KASK Ghent.

Work experience & evolution

Over the years, working as a graphic designer on marketing and communication teams, I grew in that direction myself. I took classes in marketing & communication, followed workshops on web usability, picked up tips & tricks from a course in commercial copywriting and a few years ago, I added a course in event management to the list. However, creativity still has the leading role, so during the job I could also devote myself a little more to photography on a (semi-)professional level. Thanks for those opportunities!

Spare time choices

Throughout the work process, I kept looking for additional creativity in my spare time. I made a transition from acrylic on canvas to ceramics. After a few years, I put ceramics on hold for the search for a home, which allowed me to put creativity into interior design. Then evolving towards photography, in line with my job path. And yet, ceramics was something I never gave up on. Resulting in this moment: me as a visual artist, creating photographic wall art on plexi and transferring those visuals to ceramics.

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