Brand Design,
Creative concepts
Capturing your story

I am a Creative Director specialized in
designing your visual brand or experience
to let it resonate with your creative vision.

In need of a new style, story or chapter for your brand, product, company, ...?

Your vision is crystal clear? Great! Or are you struggling to put your thoughts into words? No worries, my strength is to listen and observe, picking up on unspoken cues to help us get to the heart of the matter.

So what I’ll do is take YOUR ideas and turn them into a visual representation that truly embodies your brand (cfr with your audience in mind and based on your brands strengths and values).

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this? I’ll guide you through the process in understanding the relationship between business and design.

From strategy & design to realization

With over two decades of experience in different fields - graphic design, photography, project management, marketing & communication - I'll manage your project to perfection. From top creative projects and immersive experiences to in-depth brand development.

I am straightforward and truthful. So if we may have differing views, I will discuss them respectfully to achieve the best results.

Together, we’ll make your brand pop and your product stand out.
Ready to turn your vision into reality?

Let’s get started!

Projects and full story in my art magazine


Do you want to see other work and/or find out more? I am open to dialogue, so don't hesitate and get in touch.

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